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Discover Your Cybersecurity Career Path: A Comprehensive Self-Assessment

This is a comprehensive self-assessment designed to gauge your interests, skills, and potential alignment with various niches in the field of cybersecurity. The answers you provide will help suggest which specialty of cybersecurity might suit you best.

The assessment covers a broad range of areas, including technical skills, interest in specific cybersecurity tasks, teamwork versus individual work preference, and comfort level with evolving technology and constant learning.

It consists of 25 questions, each requiring a response on a scale from 1 to 5. Please rate your responses from 1 to 5: (1 being "Strongly Disagree", 2"Disagree", 3 "Neutral", 4 "Agree", 5 "Strongly Agree")


*Remember, this is a self-assessment and is not definitive. Always continue learning, gaining experiences, and pursuing your passion.

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