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About Me

A Message from Bennett 

"Thank you for visiting my page. I am a huge cyber security advocate which is why I dedicated my profession, hobby, and time to this field. Please check out my "CyberTeens" page, which are my initiatives dedicated to educating young adults." 


My Mission Statement

Alleviate other's struggle by consulting, educating, and inspiring.


Educating and aspiring more diversity in cybersecurity.

CyberBennett was founded in 2019 with the vision to diversify the cybersecurity workspace. Since established, I've spoken to audiences delivering an inspiring, insightful, and valuable experience. Today, I'm constantly reimagining how to use my understanding of current trends and skills to educate everyone on cybersecurity.


My Values

Be the Change


I am a man of action, and I truly believe in "walking the walk". In addition to my leadership skills, I believe the change starts with me.

Be Respectful


I've always believed that we as people should not only respect our elders, but respect each other as well. There is too much negativity in the world, there is no need to contribute to it.

People Oriented


Staying true to my word, my vision, and my mission are actions that I take daily. Doing the "right thing" is a decision that everyone should make. Building a trustworthy, confidential relationship with friends and loved ones is something I value deeply.



To overcome every adversity faced, I demonstrated grit, perseverance, and resilience. I critically analyze the situation and implement the necessary changes to conquer the challenge.

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