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The number of phishing attack victims increased by 34% in 2021, and remains the #1 type of cyber crime.

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Certified With Autopsy Course

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In this course, Bennett Hendrix III shows you the basics of Autopsy, a digital forensic platform and graphical interface that makes it easier to deploy the tools of the Sleuth Kit and other digital forensic tools. Bennett shows you how to use the platform to analyze and recover files of interest, whether for leisure or professional investigations, and explains how to analyze evidence and covers the must-know information for how to collect these findings. Additionally, Bennett explains how to optimize the user interface to best utilize the tools in available Autopsy. 

About Me

A Message from Bennett 

"Thank you for visiting my page. I am a huge cyber security advocate which is why I dedicated my profession, hobby, and time to this field. Please check out my "CyberTeens" page, which are my initiatives dedicated to educating young adults." 

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