Cyber Awareness By Bennett(C.A.B.B.)

          B.I.T.Y is a speaker series that increases cyber security awareness in the community.  The objective is to introduce older generations to various defensive measures against attacks and igniting the interest for attendees to continue learning about the field independently.

          Each session will be an estimated hour.  It is strongly encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation.  To ensure all questions are answered, attendees are encouraged to use the "Let's Chat" feature.  This is intended to mitigate any hesitation that may occur if someone needs further explanation.


Presentations are scheduled for different dates and the topics are as follow:

  • Presentation 1:  Web-Surfing Security Practices

  • Presentation 2:  Tools and Preventive Countermeasures

  • Presentation 3:  Mobile Devices, Smart Devices, and IoT (Internet of Things)



More topics will be added depending on the audience's curiosity and demand.