Speaking Engagements 

           Cybersecurity has an increasing demand for professionals within the work force.  Today’s youth are our future. Minority students do not have a role model with a similar appearance, this is my solution. Representation matters.  Students should be able to interact and learn from a positive professional who's also a peer.  My young age,  not only keeps the student's attention, but also inspire them along the way. 


            Whether to speak about cybersecurity practices, my journey,  online safety, or speak to students, I have a range of topics to discuss and can benefit your school/organization.  I've encountered many adversities along my path and love to share  that “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.  Contact me directly to see how I may be a benefit to your school or organization.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Who is this service for?

              Anyone who survived 2020. 
When are you available to speak?

           Contact me today and we can discuss further details. 
Why are you doing this aside from your mission statement?

              To provide students with a role model who they can relate to. While in college, I didn't have a role model to seek assistance from. Resulting with many failures and many lessons being learned. My objective is to discuss these tips and help students learn what it takes to be successful.  

              Also, To educate people on cyber topics that will help them become more secure. Cybersecurity is not going anywhere and there are many threat actors who want to steal your information. 

Why should I choose you to speak to our audience/students? 

             Great question! I have gained a vast amount of knowledge through various activities such as: work experience, rigorous coursework, and conference attendance. Through my active involvement, I continue to grow through leadership, networking, and research regarding Cybersecurity and industry trends. Throughout my professional and student career I have earned the respect of my classmates, co-workers, and peers through my motivation, work ethic, and leadership capabilities.

             I'm confident after one conversation you'll see my drive, intellect, and personality.  To see more information, please go to the Achievements tab.